RDM Server – Raima’s client/server DBMS originally released in 1993, called RDS (Raima Database Server), Velocis, and lastly RDM Server. Nevertheless supported for current clients.

Read-only deal – A Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) feature enabling database information become read by one procedure without blocking another procedure’s modification of the same information. Usually called a “snapshot.”

Real-time – a environment that is real-time one for which certain tasks should be going to perform inside a specified time period. For a DBMS to be viewed undoubtedly real-time, it should be in a position to perform certain database-related tasks in an occasion that may be deterministically demonstrated—i.e., the case execution time that is worst could be demonstrated. Just because a general-purpose DBMS relates to dynamic information when the sizes of tables differ with time, and since DBMS reaction times be determined by the quantity of information become prepared they can not be escort service Columbia looked at real-time. This will be true additionally for RDM. It really is real-time friendly, it to be used in beneficial ways in a real-time application because it is fast, has a small footprint and has features (such as virtual tables and in-memory storage) that allow.

Record Instance/Occurrence – One group of associated information industry values connected with a record that is specific to an SQL row.

Record Type – an accumulation closely associated information fields—equivalent to an SQL table. Much like a C struct, an archive kind is defined by a couple of closely associated information areas.

Referential Integrity – a disorder where the international key column values in every of this rows in a single dining dining table have actually matching rows when you look at the referenced primary table that is key. Referential integrity is maintained by SQL through the processing of a INSERT and DELETE declaration and any UPDATE statement that modifies a international or primary key value.

Relational Model – A database by which inter-table relationships are arranged mainly through typical information columns, which define a one-to-many relationship from a line associated with the main key dining table and another or even more rows of this matching international key table. Equi-joins relate tables which have matching primary/foreign key values, but other evaluations (relationships) might be defined. Along with explaining the way the database tables are associated, the model that is relational describes exactly how a associated information is accessed and manipulated. SQL is considered the most widely used model database language that is relational. See Wikipedia

Remote Procedure Phone – a technique of interprocess interaction the place where a function residing within another procedure is named as if it really is a nearby (in-process) function. The strategy is implemented through an area proxy function and a remote stub function. Parameter values are marshalled as a block of information which can be sent through the proxy to your stub for demarshalling and calling the function that is actual. Return values are processed in the in an identical way as input values.

Replication – a procedure where chosen changes in a master database is replicated (re-played) into another database.

Regulation Factor – Each expression that is relational when you look at the WHEREIN clause of the question has an associated limitation component that is projected by the SQL optimizer, which specifies the small small fraction (or percentage) associated with dining table which is why the phrase would be real. As an example, when you look at the query choose * from book where bookid = ‘austen013px’ the expression that is relational = ‘austen013px’ features a limitation element add up to .003 (just one away from 3213px rows will satisfy this phrase).

Result Set – the whole group of rows this is certainly came back with a specific choose statement.

Rollback – a surgical procedure, frequently done by the SQL ROLLBACK statement, that discards all the modifications created by all INSERT, MODIFY and DELETE statements which were performed considering that the most recently started deal ( ag e.g., BEGIN DEAL declaration).

Line – One group of associated values for several associated with the columns declared in a provided dining table. Also called a record incident.

Royalty – A License charge established in a Agreement (Product and Pricing Addendum).

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