The demonic possession and exorcism angle is satisfactorily coated — but again suffers by comparison to 2015’s Bram Stoker Award successful A Head Full of Ghosts. And no matter who you would possibly be, if you’re writing about this topic, your book is all the time going to be compared to Blatty’s classic horror novel The Exorcist and Friedkin’s enduring film adaptation of the same name. But it takes too lengthy to essentially get humming (I’m all in for foreplay, but Hendrix really pushes the limits to impatience here). More than three-quarters of the novel is basically an angsty teen, coming-of-age highschool drama about a group of girls and their growing pains with one another and with the world around them. It may very well be Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill — besides that one of many major characters could be demonically possessed . Sometimes it is nigh on unimaginable to inform the difference. Anyway, we follow two lifelong BFFs – common youngsters Abby Rivers and Gretchen Lang – as Lang apparently descends into demonic possession after a murky night in the woods under her first acid journey.

That’s why the “gay best friend” trope turned so prevalent. Film would always present us the “token” gay person in a non-threatening supporting function, reinforcing that they were “different” than the norm. The comedy takes place at Camp Ovation, a musical theater camp outdoors of New York. It’s one of the few locations the place the gays outnumber the straight males.

The second I saw My Best Friend’s Exorcism in the flesh, I knew I wanted it. It’s formatted to look like a highschool yearbook, which is actually such a cool idea. The brilliant colours on high of the 80s really feel of the pictures really sets the tone for this novel. If you are familiar with the work of Grady Hendrix, you know that his earlier novel, Horrorstör, is formatted to look like an IKEA catalog. I’m so glad I picked this one up because it was the right guide to get me out of my recent mini reading droop.

I was sadly born too late to enjoy that decade myself, however I’m an enormous fan of basically all the films and music from that time interval, and San Junipero is my life and avenue cred. The bulk of the e-book, nonetheless, felt prefer it was largely made up of highschool drama. Granted, it’s creepy, disturbing high school drama, but at the finish of the day…it’s still high school drama. It takes a lengthy time for the potential of demon possession to even come up, and until then we now have to take a seat via an entire inventory of the things that go mistaken with Gretchen and the way she goes about methodically ruining everyone’s lives. For all the nice grades she pulls in, Abby can additionally be a bit dense.

I think the guilt is one thing we’re each making an attempt to overlook, though I suppose it’ll be tough. I was stunned, of course, but not so surprised as to jump back or make a remark. I suppose in a way it made sense in the context of the day and our flirtation. I giggled and hiccupped – a parody of a drunk individual, a personality in a foul romcom. Nothing felt serious or real, suspended as we have been in the amber of that excellent mid-summer’s night.

I’d frolicked with them as a couple but before this wedding Sarah and I had by no means really talked. In hindsight I suppose we had been flirting in a means that felt completely devoid of which means or jeopardy because we were both straight.

It’s not just Vlad’s body that makes Michael fall for him. Michael is desperate for companionship and positive attention.